Sacred Space

An Intimate Talking & Sharing Practice

June 19, 2024

June 19, 2100 Fairway Dr., Room 102, 7-9 PM – Learn More here and RSVP

Do you ever struggle with really connecting with other people – whether that be your romantic partner, your friends, or other people in your life? Perhaps, you have trouble connecting with new people? Even in the best of relationships, we could use tools for creating safer containers for better communication.

The “Sacred Space” ritual, as we practice it here, is not merely a space that we set up to be beautiful or to change the energy of a room. It certainly is that, but in this workshop, what we are practicing is a beautiful communication ritual. it is a tool for sacred communication and creating a safe bubble where our best intentions can be communicated and shared with loved ones or even perfect strangers.

Join us as we explore and practice this beautiful ritual that has changed my life. I have used it for the most joyous celebrations of love and also to work through the most difficult issues I have had with partners and friends.

If you choose to come, you can participate with a partner or friend to pair up with. Or you may also choose to come alone and be paired with someone else or a small group. Either way, it is a brave act to be intimate, and I promise if you come with the right intentions, this ritual will be worth your time – whether you practice it once or, like me, make it part of your regular practice with friends and loved ones.

The event is free, though the suggested donation is $25. You can pay any amount you want. Please feel no pressure to offer. Your participation is gift enough.

Please note that your boundaries will always be respected and honored. If this ritual ever proves to be too intense or feel too unsafe, I respect and honor that. I am providing space for people to retreat if the moment becomes too much for whatever reason.

We will also plan to be offering cacao to open the ceremony! That will be an excellent treat to ground and connect us. Space will be provided after the ceremony to continue to connect and socialize with people. Thus, the event is part ritual, part social event.

If this speaks to you, please fill out the RSVP form below. You can also reach me at

Jim Macdonald

P.S. I am so glad to have the assistance of my dearest friend Aly White to co-facilitate with me and the support of the Bozeman Spiritual Society in hosting the event.